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How Career Tech Education Helps Communities Grow

October 6, 2017

The Mobile Digital FAB LAB is a partnership between North Central Michigan College, local schools, and local industry to bring CNC Programming to students in the region. We’ve all heard the cry for more workers in the area. With Michigan… read more

Even a Cheetah Would Take a While to Eat an Elephant

October 6, 2017

CJ and Jessica Cutler recently showed their support for the growth in East Jordan with their purchase of the South Arm Café. You know what they say, “eat the elephant one bite at a time.” This is a great theory and a great way to get work done,… read more

Enthusiasm… Let’s Start an Epidemic!

October 6, 2017

Walter P Chrysler There is an old saying that “to be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic!”  More than any other quality, enthusiasm is vital to our success as business, government, education and community leaders.  For each of… read more

Traditional Lending Problems Got You Down?

October 3, 2017

The lending industry is worlds apart from what it used to be. In the “good ole days” taking out a loan could be as simple as walking through the front door of your neighborhood bank. Now with more stringent rules and regulations, banks have… read more

Skilled Trades Training Funds Available through Michigan Works!

September 12, 2017

 The Skilled Trades Training Fund (STTF) awards grants to employers to assist in training, developing and retaining current employees and individuals to be hired. Training is customized to meet employee skill requirements and is… read more

A New Era of Office Space

September 12, 2017

Do you have a cubicle or an office?  Is it housed within the same building as your employer?  Most would answer yes, however, there is a new definition of office space coming to town.  Co-working spaces- a shared office that… read more

NLEA Broadband Study

August 11, 2017

Thanks to a DTE Energy Foundation Grant, Brad Berkau, a recent Michigan State University graduate, and Ross Hooley, a junior at Xavier University, completed a project regarding broadband usage and availability in the rural areas of the NLEA… read more

Area community foundations welcome grant proposals

August 10, 2017

The Charlevoix County Community Foundation and the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation announce the availability of grant dollars to support the work of area nonprofit organizations to foster positive change… read more

Volunteer Program Promotes Financial Literacy and Community Assets

August 1, 2017

Northern Lakes Economic Alliance (NLEA) has teamed up with the Michigan Non-Profit Association (MNA) and local partners: the Village of Central Lake, Armor Express, the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation (GTRCF), and the Michigan… read more

Business Incubators, Launch Pads, and Pop-Ups, Oh My!

July 20, 2017

Entrepreneurs know it’s tough to get started, and breaking into a new market can be a hard sell. The good news is, options are “popping up” all over to help alleviate some of those initial growing pains and launch a new business toward success.… read more

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