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Enthusiasm… Let’s Start an Epidemic!

Walter P Chrysler

There is an old saying that “to be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic!”  More than any other quality, enthusiasm is vital to our success as business, government, education and community leaders.  For each of us, success or failure depends on our ability to recruit, train and motivate others.  People want to be around enthusiastic leaders.  They will follow people that they know are excited and committed. 

Walter P Chrysler, when asked to give the secret of success listed various qualities such as ability, capacity and energy; but added that the real secret was enthusiasm. “More than enthusiasm, I would say excitement” said Chrysler.  “I like to see a person get excited.  When they get excited, they get customers excited, and we get business”.

It was 1977 and I was just starting my professional career.  My first boss “and mentor” shared this philosophy with me and the important role my attitude plays as I work with others throughout the organizations and communities we served.  Although not perfect, I have tried to live my life both professionally and personally keeping Walter P. Chrylser in mind. 

I challenge each of you to be an enthusiastic leader and to share that enthusiasm with the people around you.  For it is this enthusiasm that translates into genuine excitement and becomes contagious.  Soon not only will your organization be more successful, you’ll be having a great deal more fun in the process! 

Let me know what you think.

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