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MEDC Offers Free Demographic Data

No need to pull your hair out while searching for demographic data. Your easy one stop shop for demographics is housed with the MEDC.

Does searching for accurate demographic information leave you pulling your hair out?  Finding accurate and reliable demographic data doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive, in fact it can be easy and free! Tools are available right from your own computer and from credible sources. 

It is easy to quickly do a Google search “Demographic Data for (insert your desired location here),” but is the data you receive from your search accurate, or from a credible source?  The Michigan Economic Development Corporation has a great free tool on their website that has a tremendous amount of FREE data that can be personalized to counties and even down to specific communities.  The information has several different topics that can be very helpful to communities and businesses of various stages and sizes.  The topics covered are labor force, demographics, consumer expenditures, wages, business, talent pool, and housing.  The radius on the area can also be manipulated to different distances maxing out at 60 miles.  To access this handy tool, go to and click on “Site Selection” and then “Real Estate Database.”  From there, on the bar across the top, click on “Communities,” fill in your location, hit “search” and be prepared to have all the data your heart desires.

The data is provided by InfoGroup who is an industry leader and its data powers and verifies the world’s top search engines.  They actively collect and maintain this data, contacting over 100,000 businesses everyday to verify quality and keep it current.  This tool saves time/money and can be used for business planning whether you’re a start-up or an existing company considering an expansion or new product launch. 

For more information visit or contact Hannah Sanderson at Northern Lakes Economic Alliance to help walk you through the steps.

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