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Of the following great books that cover a multitude of business topics, some are available to borrow from your nearest Business Resource Center or download at no charge from the Michigan Electronic Library; and all may be purchased from your local bookstore, or on-line, use the ISBN to assist in your search:

Terence O’Neill, Entrepreneurship Librarian at Michigan State University

Each month Terence O’Neill, Entrepreneurship Librarian, MSU Business Library will provide a book review for an important business publication. Terence O’Neill is the Entrepreneurship Librarian at Michigan State University, where he works to connect entrepreneurs to resources that will better inform their business decisions. Through a background in libraries and community education, Terence has worked to support business and innovation internationally and throughout Michigan. You can reach Terence  at

MSU Business Library Entrepreneurs Book Reports

Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt by Michael LewisFlash Boys
Michael Lewis is part story teller, part explainer of complex human-made institutions. He seeks to find a complicated system that is changing quickly, and identifies compelling individuals to show the agency in these dynamic environments. Sometimes its sports (including Money Ball and this great profile of Shane Battier), but often it’s the financial system that he began his professional career in. Continue Reading…


Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh
I have been learning about Tony Hsieh and his enthusiastic embrace of new ideas for the past few years, but I had never really considered reading this book until it was recently recommended to me. What I did know about his life—that he is an advocate of a flat organizational hierarchy called Holacracy and is dedicated to the creation of a vibrant and dynamic Las Vegas downtown—certainly piqued my curiosity, and made me want to learn more about his philosophy and how he thinks about business. Delivering Happiness does just that. Continue Reading…


The Rainforest Blueprint: How to Design Your Own Silicon Valley” by Victor W. Hwang  Venture Capitalist, consultant, and entrepreneur Victor Hwang has put together a book for developing complex, dynamic organizations and groups of organizations that encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. I say ‘put together’, rather than wrote, because this book is full of pictures, charts, diagrams, and relatively few words. To Hwang, a farm grows one type of plant, in the metaphor one type of idea or outcome, and farms are organized suitably for that purpose; in a rainforest, though, there are thousands of plants interacting unpredictably, products of a set of conditions that continue to give opportunity for further plants. Similarly, an innovation ecosystem does not produce one thing (a killer app, a vital restaurant, etc.), but instead has a whole range of innovations happening constantly. This book discusses the potential of creating a community that can develop, and bring to fruition, that diversity of creativity. Continue Reading…  

Getting the Right Things Done: A leader’s guide to planning and execution by Pascal Dennis Whether you work directly in manufacturing, or simply are involved in the development and deployment of services and products, you’ve likely spent much time thinking about how to improve processes in the work place. This book, produced by the Lean Enterprise Institute, is borne out of the struggles of managers working to implement Lean Manufacturing practices, but continually finding that their initiatives lose steam and fail to deliver lasting change. If you are interested in creating greater cohesion across an organization towards delivering real value, this book was written for you. Continue Reading…

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