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County Land Banks

A county land bank is a governmental authority whose purpose is to manage abandoned, underutilized, or blighted property and turn it into a productive use.

A land bank can take ownership of a property through the tax foreclosure process, and can also buy land and buildings or receive donations of property. Once a property is held by a land bank, it can be sold, rented, cleaned up, redeveloped, or simply held and maintained tax free until it’s ready for sale or development . Because they were created to deal with problems often associated with tax-foreclosed properties, land banks have a number of management tools available. Land bank authorities can:

  • Clear muddy titles in order to prepare properties for sale
  • Qualify for brownfield status and funding
  • Own homes, transfer or sell property, rent, prevent eviction, sell on land contract, demolish
  • Partner or enter into contract with private, public, or nonprofit agencies

A land bank cannot condemn property or forcibly take someone’s property under eminent domain.

Land Banks in the NLEA Region

Charlevoix County Marilyn Cousineau 231-547-7202
Emmet County Marilyn May 231-348-1715

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