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Direct development with Corridor Improvement Authorities

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Jessica Lovay, Community Development & Grants

Warner-Elmira Township Corridor Improvement Authority Development Area Map

Like many rural Northern Michigan communities there are a plethora of development opportunities outside the traditional downtown but what can a community do to help mold and direct what that development looks like? Through the State of Michigan Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA), communities can do just that.

Much like a Downtown Development Authority (DDA), a Corridor Improvement Authority comes under Public Act 57 of 2018-Recodified Tax Increment Financing Act. According to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), “The Corridor Improvement Authority Public Act 57 of 2018 is designed to assist communities with funding improvements in commercial corridors outside of their main commercial or downtown areas.”

Once established, a CIA can hire a director, create a development and tax increment financing plan, and even issue revenue bonds. There are certain criteria a corridor must meet in order to be in compliance. Currently, Northern Lakes Economic Alliance (NLEA) is assisting Warner Township of Antrim County and Elmira Township of Otsego County to establish a joint CIA. The NLEA is helping make sure the corridor meets the criteria within the act and follows the legal requirements to establish the authority.

For more information on Corridor Improvement Authorities, contact NLEA’s Community Development Team, Amanda Baker and Jessica Lovay at 231-582-6482.

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