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Operations consist of all the activities that contribute directly to a company’s main line(s) of business. People in operations work to make sure their employers’ businesses run smoothly, effectively, and professionally. This includes everyone from management to assembly line workers, mail-room workers, and the guys loading and unloading trucks in manufacturing and retail company distribution centers. Office managers, purchasing managers, supply chain managers, manufacturing process consultants, brokerage firm back-office employees (who make sure the securities transactions entered into by the firm’s traders, salespeople, and brokers are completed in a timely and accurate manner)-all of these are operations professionals.

Operations: $10 – $15/hour (average entry-level wage)

Shawn Cook – Plant Services

    – Loading gravel trains, and haul trucks.
    – Cleaning up the plant, making sure things run smoothly.
    – Operating all different kinds of equipment for the plant.
    – Went to college, decided it wasn’t for him, so he started working.
    – Then, he went back to school for his applied science degree to become a machinist.
    – Applied for a job at Carmeuse, and has been here the past 19 years.

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Shawn Cook- Machines



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