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Becoming a social worker offers you the opportunity to pursue many different career paths, from direct clinical practice to administration and advocacy roles in the government and non-profit organizations. Social workers are even found in many corporate settings where they craft corporate social responsibility programs and community engagement as well as help employees with workplace challenges. 

Social Work – Service: $15/hour (average entry level wage)

Shelley Stewart – Housing Resource Specialist

“It feels good when you can help people…it’s kind of like that whole circle where you give, and you get back.”

    – Interviewing clients to understand their needs and their situation.
    – Searching for housing and inspecting buildings to insure the safety of clients.
    – Helping people to become self-sufficient.
    – Must have bachelors degree in related field, or three years of related experience.
    – Experience in working for a non-profit is highly encouraged.

Volunteer Coordinator: $14 – $15/hour (average entry level wage)

Amy Fuller – RSVP Volunteer Coordinator

    – Placing volunteers in positions
    – Completing paperwork and the finances behind the volunteer organization.
    – Raising awareness about the program and gathering support.
    – Earned a Bachelors in Political Science
    – Joined the Americorps program with the Red Cross, and loved non-profits and working with volunteers.
    – Found a position in  NEMSCA working with RSVP volunteers

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Shelley Stewart- Housing Resource Specialist








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