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A computer numerical control (CNC) machinist runs computer-operated equipment to create machine parts, tools and other mass-produced items. He or she may work in a machine shop or in the manufacturing industry as an expert in the installation, maintenance, programming and operation of CNC technology.

CNC Grinder: $ 10/hour (average entry level wage)

Joe Bonnard – CNC Grinder

    – Remove and inspect the parts that the machine fabricated overnight.
    – Get different machines up and running for the day.
    – Working with the machines as they make the parts.
    – Got a job in a factory soon out of high school.
    – Continued moving to different factory jobs.
    – Found a job with Link Industries.

CNC Lathe Operator: $10/hour (average entry level wage)

Mark Weber – CNC Lathe Operator

    – Running and operating the different types of lathe machines.
    – Making sure the parts are quality, and square.
    – Placing the blank parts for the lathes to complete.
    – Went to school for heating and cooling.
    – Switched to a two-year machinist associates degree.
    – Currently attending Kirtland Community College for a degree in Mechatronics.

CNC Manufacturing Technician: $10/hour (average entry level wage)

Dave Lee – CNC Manufacturing Technician

    – Troubleshoot the machines, which can be operated remotely.
    – Take care of the maintenance problems.
    – Make changes to the operations of the machines.
    – Moved to Indian River to find work.
    – Got a job as a drill engineer
    – Made the switch to CNC programing as the field became available and developed.

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Joe Bonnard- CNC Grinder








Mark Weber- CNC Lathe







Dave Lee-CNC Programmer

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