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Aircraft Technology:

Aviation maintenance technology specialists work for aircraft manufacturers, the FAA, major airlines or commuter airlines, and can advance into management positions within these sectors of the aviation industry. They may also become aviation engineers, communication engineers, and electrical engineers.

Steve Brewer- Structures Engineering Manager – Kalitta Air

AIRCRAFT TECHNOLOGY: $30- $40/ Hour (average entry-level wage)

    -Designing the parts that will be used to repair the aircraft.
    -Also designing specialty parts for cargo loading, and restraint design systems.
    -Spent 10 years in the airforce as an aircraft mechanic.
    -After the air force, he went to work for Kalitta in Ypsilanti for ten years.
    -Studied at the University of Texas and got a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
    -Came back up north in 2004 working for Kalitta.

Aircraft Technology Programs in the Area:

Alpena Community College

Baker College

North Central Michigan College

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Steve Brewer- Structures Engineering Manager

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