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Nursing jobs require not only treating patients who are sick and injured but also offering advice and emotional support to patients and their families, taking care of paperwork (lots and lots of paperwork), helping doctors diagnose patients and providing advice and follow-up care.

Amanda Witt – Liscensed Practical Nurse Clinical Leader – Munson Medical Center

Licensed Practical Nursing: $20/HOUR (average entry-level wage)

    – Managing a staff and assisting providers with seeing patients.
    -Helping patients with their illnesses and educating them about the recommended health care.
    -Inspiring patients, and helping them to feel better.
    -Started out in massage therapy, earning an associates degree in that field.
    -Decided she wanted more to do with the recovery process and worked in physical therapy as a tech, then worked her way up to an LPN.
    -Earned a license in Practical Nursing after a year and a half of clinical.
    -Currently working on a bachelors degree to advance even further. 

Jill Vermilya- Clinical Nurse Manager – The Brook Retirement Communities

NURSING Manager: $30-$40/ HOUR (average entry-level wage)

    -Reviewing the residents and their medications. 
    -Going over their schedule of events, and keeping track of their care plans.
    -Communicating with the families of residents and keeping them informed of the resident’s condition.
    -She started in a home health agency and then moved to nursing homework.
    -Went to Kirtland Community College and received a degree in registered nursing.
    -Secured a job at The Brook Retirement Communities and is loving the work she is doing there.

Mark Passow – Family Nurse Practitioner – Munson Medical Center

Nurse Practitioner: $40-$50/ HOUR (average entry-level wage)

    -Treating patients, and performing wellness visits in order to keep people as healthy as possible.
    -Prescribing medication, diagnosing and treating disease, and performing minor surgeries.
    -Moved from being a nurse’s aid to being a licensed practical nurse to a registered nurse, to a family nurse practitioner.
    -Completed an undergraduate degree at Schoolcraft College, then went on to Michigan State University and finally to the University of Detroit Mercy to receive a graduate degree. 

Beth Connors – Registered Traveling Nurse – NEMCSA

Registered Nurse: $19-$20/HOUR (average entry-level wage)

    -Traveling to assess or reassess the healthcare and personal needs of clients
    -Providing support and comfort to patients who are in need of additional care and empathy. 
    -Grew up in a family of nurses.
    -Went to college to pursue a different field but eventually switched majors to nursing.
    -Worked for Hospice and in social work until offered this position from NEMCSA.

Patient Care: 

Patient Care provides basic care to patients in hospitals or other medical facilities. They work under advisory from a nursing staff and usually have a great deal of direct contact with patients.

ELDER CARE: ~$10/HOUR (average entry-level wage)

Denise Reiman- Care Giver – The Brook Retirement Communities

-Assisting the residents with daily living activities, such as getting dressed, going for a walk, doing their hair, and helping them eat.
-Talking to the patients and helping improve their quality of life.

    -Started out in home care traveling to homes and helping the elderly with their daily tasks.
    -Started working in a facility when The Brook Retirement Communities opened.

Nursing Programs in the Area: 

Alpena Community College

Baker College

Davenport University

Kirtland Community College

North Central Michigan College

Patient Care Programs in the Area:

Kirtland Community College

North Central Michigan College

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Denise Reiman- Caregiver


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