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There are two principal functions within insurance companies, underwriting, and investment. Underwriting entails the measurement of risk and the charging of premiums that are appropriate to the degree of risk that the insurance company assumes by writing a given policy. An actuary holds an important technical job, trained in statistical analysis and the scientific determination of insurance policy terms and premiums.

Insurance Sales Agent: $30-$40/ HOUR (average entry-level wage)

Dan Elliott – Vice President – Diebold Insurance

    -Meeting with clients and looking over policies.
    -Managing the sales team at Diebold.
    -Traveling, meeting with clients, and making new sales.
    -Quote the coverage with the customer.
    -Bind the policy with the insurance company.
    -Help both parties in paying the claim.

      -Went into insurance, specifically Diebold, because it is a family-owned business.
                                                                      -Grew up in Northern Michigan, and didn’t want to leave.

Insurance programs in the area:

Alpena Community College

Baker College

North Central Michigan College

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Dan Elliott


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