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NLEA Board of Directors to review Future Services Survey

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NLEA remains flexible, yet focused on its mission

Andy Hayes, President

Later this month our board will review and discuss our recently completed NLEA Stakeholders “Future Services” Survey. With a 61% response rate, our board will have plenty of feedback on issues and trends that our stakeholders see on the horizon of the next 5-10 years.

Since our formation in 1984, the NLEA’s mission has been simple: “To serve as a resource to businesses and communities to support the creation and retention of jobs.” Our strategies have changed over the years—adjusting to the ever-changing business climate—but we’ve always kept our eye on the target of retention and creation of jobs. 

The survey focused on forward-thinking within the three main components of economic development that we track: Business attraction, business retention, and community development; through analyzing what our stakeholders view as important for the future of our communities and region, we can make adjustments in our service offerings, and continue to be a good resource for companies and communities.

In addition to making programming adjustments, we will also identify which areas the NLEA should lead, which areas we should be part of the team that another organization leads, and which areas we should stand back and simply promote an effort done by others. When working collaboratively with many partners, it is important to identify what lane you should be in and not stray into another’s lane.

Dean Solomon, a retired MSU Extension educator, is facilitating this process with the NLEA Board of Directors. His leadership, expertise, and style are perfect for this effort.

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