Providing resources for communities and entrepreneurs to create and retain jobs in Antrim, Charlevoix & Cheboygan Counties.

Core Partners

The NLEA will partner with any organization needed to help entrepreneurs. The following are considered Core Partners due to the additional resources they provide in their work with the NLEA:

Michigan State University Extension

Michigan State University Extension (MSUE). In June of 1992, the NLEA implemented a formal partnership with Michigan State University Extension (MSU Extension). This partnership was established to allow the NLEA greater access to the University’s vast pool of resources. The NLEA still maintains full control of its work plan and policies through the locally appointed Board of Directors. Both the resources of MSU and of the land grant colleges in the US are available to us through this arrangement. The MSU Extension partnership provides technology transfer, tourism development, training for community and economic development, technical support, overall economic development plans, community cash flow analysis, financial support, and community economic analysis tools.

North Central Michigan College

NCMC LOGONorth Central Michigan College (NCMC) is a local two-year college with locations in Petoskey, Cheboygan, Gaylord and East Jordan, Michigan. NCMC also provides four-year and graduate programming through the partnerships with several Michigan Universities.

NCMC provides the NLEA and their clients with additional opportunities for education through the Corporate and Community Education division, which offers non-credit job skills training tailored to meet individual needs.

Networks Northwest

PrintNetworks Northwest. In 2005, the NLEA negotiated a formal partnership with the Networks Northwest formerly Northwest Michigan Council of Governments. Recognizing that both the NLEA and Networks Northwest strive to improve the economy in the communities of Northwest Michigan , it was determined that a partnership could benefit both organizations and our area by maximizing resources.

Networks Northwest provides resources to support the NLEA’s community development program. This partnership provides a seamless approach to helping our communities on a variety of projects, including assisting with the preparation of the annual Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, organizing Sustainable Business Forums and organizing local area transportation planning activities. Additionally staff works with local communities by assisting them in the furtherance of their economic and community development strategies.

Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District

Char-EmCharlevoix – Emmet Intermediate School District (Char-Em ISD). Both the Char-Em ISD and the NLEA are in the business of developing communities. The NLEA maintains a strategic partnership with the Char-Em ISD where we work together to create high skilled and high paying jobs, attract business to the area, and map out work force development needs. In addition, the Char-Em ISD generously provides us with office space, technical support and other services to support a variety of community and economic development programs.

Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). In June 2001, the NLEA entered a formal partnership agreement with the MEDC. This partnership has proven to be valuable to obtaining state economic resources. The MEDC is a corporation formed by our state government that is responsible for delivering economic development services statewide. The agreement provides greater access to the state’s vast resource of community and economic development tools. These tools include grants, loans, technical assistance, business development tools, community assistance programs, training, speakers and promotional materials. The partnership also gives us the opportunity to review and make suggestions on new economic programs as they are being developed. NLEA staff regularly make joint local business retention calls with MEDC representatives.


Baker College

Baker College. In August 2015 the NLEA entered a formal partnership agreement with Baker College. Baker CollegeBaker College LogoBaker College Logois the largest independent college in Michigan with the most focused approach to education and training available. Their mission is to prepare students for meaningful employment. They are proud to have a 97 percent employment rate among their available graduates.


Core Partners

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